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Mr. Morten, Annette Heick and Martin Brygmann were in Bolga to promote Fairtrade
A weaver carrying her baskets
  Welcome to the home of Original Bolga Baskets
Welcome to Peter Agandaa Fair Baskets, we are the leading fair trade producers of original bolga baskets. Our products are carefully woven by professionals who have several years of experience. We have introduced so many designs into the market which are selling well in the international market. Our weavers are mostly women who weave to earn money enough to feed and care for their family. They also put great importance in using their earnings to give their children an education.







Meet the women who produces these beaurtiful baskets. Anytime you buy a basket of theirs, you feed a whole family, when you order large quantity, you shelter the whole family and give their children an education.

Ulla Collection: are baskets made from waste materials, left over cloth, straw, rope and discarded plastic bags.

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